Amapola is a Mexican American woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and first generational professional. Hija de Inmigrantes. She loves to impact her community by sharing knowledge and hope. 

Amapola is the CEO of La Chicana Clothing line and the creator of Chicana & Latina Moms Podcast. She is also the creator of La Chicana Big Sister Mentor Podcast. She considers herself a multifaceted Chicana because of the example her parents gave to her throughout her life. She is a determined woman who finds ways to be creative to impact her Chicano & Latino Community. 

Educational Background:

Rio Hondo College
University of Phoenix- Bachelors in Human Services 
Capella University- Masters in Human Services
University of Southern California - Masters in Social Work

"I believe that we are all here in this world to help each other, and whatever knowledge we learn to help one another, we must share with others in our community" -Amapola R.